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What are our wraps made from?

BunnyHop Wraps are made with 3M™ Envision™ Wrap Films, which now offer the versatility to wrap just about anything. Non-PVC technology provides a greener solution along with significant performance advantages compared to conventional wraps.

Envision Wrap Films offer:
• High conformability - able to stretch up to 50% without lifting
• Comply Adhesive with micro technology provides excellent air release for smooth results
• Faster removal – non-brittle to resist tearing for faster, cleaner removal

• Extreme durability - guards against UV rays, high temperatures, moisture
• Exceptional clarity - better scratch resistance during installation
• Installs are made easy



Installing your bike wrap


Clean the surface of your bike so that the vinyl has a clean surface to stick to.
Isopropyl alcohol is ideal.

STEP 02.

Position the bike vinyl. Apply lightly, so you can easily adjust the positioning. Firmly apply only when you’re happy with the final positioning.

STEP 03.

Apply pressure and smooth down the vinyl with either you hand or a squeegee, removing air bubbles as you keep tension on the wrap without over stretching the material.

STEP 04.

When you’re happy with the positioning, heat the vinyl with a hairdryer and apply strong pressure all over the graphic wrap, you're trying to squash the air channels flat :) This will secure it in place.

STEP 05.

Re-squeegee when cool to ensure maximum adhesion, and you are good to go show off your new BunnyHopCC wrap.