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Elves’ R&D (Research and Development) team, headed by David Chiang is in Taiwan.

The Carbon Factory and Production is in Shenzhen, China.


Q: Do Elves make their frames in their own factory?
A: Yes, Elves do have their own factory.

Q: Are the frames an open source mould?
A: Elves frames are not open source, but they do provide OEM services to other brands.

Elves’ R&D (Research and Development) team headed by David Chiang from Taiwan, David has worked for Giant and Specialized for more than 20 years, he has directly participated in many carbon frames of design and development and accumulated very rich experience in carbon frame design and product testing. When we established the carbon factory in Shenzhen in 2006, David led his R&D team to provide ODM services for some international bike companies and also our company began to offer OEM service for them. 

In 2016, we registered the Elves brand in the US and David’s R&D team began to design and produce our own Elves products.

At Elves we have excellent frame designers, perfect production and manufacturing technology. In 2017, Elves made an important decision to cooperate with DSD (Diamond Sports Design of Hong Kong) for frame painting design, DSD is a very famous design studio in Hong Kong, they have been cooperating with many international sports brand, familiar with the current sports products popular trend and has a wealth of design experience, DSD brings many revolutionary designs solutions on frames painting, that gave Elves a great reputation in China in a very short time, and Elves lead the china bicycle painting design from 2017. See Video HERE.

Although Elves is a new bicycle brand, we have our own carbon factory and professional research and development team. We believe that good products and good design will be accepted by the market sooner or later and go further.

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